About Barn Built Bikes

In 2009, Sven Decoux founded SD Motors as a company for buying, fixing and selling used motorbikes. Until this point, fixing motorbikes was a hobby and so was customizing motorbikes for personal use.

Sven’s first customized motorbike was a Ducati Monster 900 that he built in 2006.
He then went on to build customized motorbikes such as cafe racers, flat trackers, and scamblers.

As Sven’s personal motorbikes started to gain interest, so did the demand for customized motorbikes for his friends and people who wanted their own. As a result, Sven decided it was time to build motorbikes on a regular basis.

Barn Built Bikes (BBB) was founded in 2014 as an independent company from SD-Motors. Sven’s first build was a BMW R850 scrambler which won 1st place in the 2015 Soul Fuel Classic Boxer Sprint at SPA-Francorchamps in Belgium.

In 2016 Derek was hired to help Sven doing all the work. His eye for detail is visible in his builds, and the Bmw r-series scrambler and brat are his signature. Dereks motorbike passion goes back to the early 70’s and 80’s motorbikes that populated the UK roads. Raised with two-stroke leightweight and first 4 cilinder Japanese motorbikes, he always remembers those good old days!

Later in 2017 Bart joined the team. Another babybommer who knows all about vintage and cool motorbikes. Elektric cables routing and soldering is his specialty and wiring looms are now organised by Bart! Bart rides a 2020 Triumph scrambler that he modified himself.

Today the team builds whatever customers ask or dream of!

Our philosophy

Over the past few years, motorbikes have become highly developed engineering masterpieces that can out corner, out brake and out accelerate their forebears. But, when you park your bike in town and return to find an identical bike parked alongside yours, you find yourself hesitating, looking for some distinguishing feature that will help you recognize it.

At BBB, we specialize in creating motorbikes that are guaranteed to bring out your personality.

We provide quality

Our motorbikes are built using E-marked products to ensure quality and reliability. Our motorbikes will conform to future regulations that will come into effect in 2020.

The structural integrity of the chassis is not compromised during the build and every effort is made to ensure that your customized motorbike rides as well as the factory intended.

Bring your dreams to reality with a unique Barn Built Bike. Your motorbike will be the one in the crowd of admirers around it, taking photos and secretly wishing they were you.

Sven, Bart and Derek